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The Mark of the Gay Fish

After legal pressures from Kanye West, the Coinye cryptocurrency developers have changed their image from this:


to this:


Their trademark is now “The Gay Fish.” All to relinquish any likeness between that and Kanye West, of course. It’s quite fitting, don’t you think?

South Park fans everywhere will especially enjoy the reference to the “Fish Sticks” episode where Kanye West simply does not get that he’s being called a gay fish because saying, “I like fish sticks” sounds a lot like, “I like fish dicks.” Watch the full episode here!

I love that the developers now point out Coinye Coins as being a means for people to purchase “Fish Sticks For Their Mouths.” Ah, these Coinye people — they’ve a great sense of humour. They might even be the most adept trolls the internet has ever seen.

Update: The developers have given in and say Coinye is dead! Nooooooooo!

New Year’s Gift: Libre.fm’s New Look

libre.fmLibre.fm has rolled out a new look and my wish has been granted. Just last month I was thinking, “I like this site, but the visuals are sh*t.” Well, no. Visually, it wasn’t too bad, it was just… wanting. Now the site looks like something that people will actually think is worth checking out when I recommend it to them.

You should try it out, by the way. Libre.fm recommends songs based on your listening habits. It boasts millions of songs you can listen to and legally download for free, and is built on GnuFM (free as in freedom) software. And the artists get a platform to share their creations and request donations. There are no ads. There is no secret online tracking (Ghostery told me so). Libre.fm claims to not even log your IP address! Can privacy get any better than that?

So go on then, give it a chance .

Screwed Over by Lubuntu Hibernate

I'm Fucked

I was running my laptop on battery power, using Lubuntu linux from a bootable flash drive (which is what I normally use), when my battery ran out and my OS went into hibernate. I plugged the adaptor into my laptop and restarted it. When it turned on, it didn’t present me with any boot options, it just went straight into Windows, as if I had hibernated from there. But I didn’t, so I got an error and had to go to this ‘Startup Repair’ option which, after four hours of waiting through, didn’t seem to do shit, so I just shut it down. And now when I try to boot into windows, instead of seeing a login screen all I see is a mouse and a black background.

It’s actually not too big of a problem for me because I’m always using Lubuntu. I’ll see if I can’t fix this by trying out a system repair disk for my very first time. If not, I wonder if I should entertain the thought of doing a full install of Lubuntu or some other linux distro to my HDD, which I’ve never done before either.