Starting 2014 off with a Forum

I’ve been sick lately (Christmas present from my mom), but I’ve recovered enough in the last few days to set up a Google Groups forum for programming- and technology-oriented young folks like myself. That may be the only news I bring today, and so I’m sorry that I won’t link to this fancy new group on this blog. Friends, you know me, so just ask.


New Year’s Gift:’s New Look has rolled out a new look and my wish has been granted. Just last month I was thinking, “I like this site, but the visuals are sh*t.” Well, no. Visually, it wasn’t too bad, it was just… wanting. Now the site looks like something that people will actually think is worth checking out when I recommend it to them.

You should try it out, by the way. recommends songs based on your listening habits. It boasts millions of songs you can listen to and legally download for free, and is built on GnuFM (free as in freedom) software. And the artists get a platform to share their creations and request donations. There are no ads. There is no secret online tracking (Ghostery told me so). claims to not even log your IP address! Can privacy get any better than that?

So go on then, give it a chance .

New Look to My Lubuntu

New look to my Lubuntu.

Lubuntu 12.10 with DieHard4 theme and ACYL icons

This week I spent a bit of time modifying my favourite operating system, giving it a fresh new look and replacing some functionality. It also took a bit of work–changing the default file manager in Lubuntu 12.10 isn’t very straightforward. Although I haven’t managed to set an entirely consistent scheme, I’m satisfied–it’s a nice change from the usual. For memory’s sake, and in the interest of maybe a few fellow Linux admirers, I’ll jot down what I did.

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Okay, I’ve put this off for long enough, so I’m going to finally get this out there: That scene of Nicole Scherzinger chilling with Antiguans at Shirley Heights, my take on it now is that it was definitely bullshit. I intended to include a second email that popped up in September from the A&B Ministry of Tourism concerning that event, and point out how it supported what I was thinking, but then do I really need to go through all this just to realize, just to explain, that this was a publicity stunt? No.

It’s pretty straightforward; tourism is a staple of the Antiguan economy, and people will lie and distort reality to bring people to their product. I know it’s just the way it is, but…

Fucking marketing!

Following up on my last post, there’s another singer in Antigua whom I’ve been paying attention to. She’s the young Jamie Lou Stenzel, daughter of Torsten StenzeI, who directed the Get Lucky video for Asher Otto & Itchy Feet Band (which made its 4th week as #1 on the Cross Caribbean Countdown yesterday). She has a great voice and I thought I should share this recent cover by her of Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks. I love her singing, so when I saw this I was like, “Yes! New Jamie Lou cover!”