Info On Bitcoin

You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin by now. Maybe you’d like to know more about it. Well, I found this informative, not-too-technical presentation on Youtube by Stefan Molyneux, that covers some interesting details (see below). And if you want to go deeper, here’s a great article that gets technical. And I mean really technical.


New Year’s Gift:’s New Look has rolled out a new look and my wish has been granted. Just last month I was thinking, “I like this site, but the visuals are sh*t.” Well, no. Visually, it wasn’t too bad, it was just… wanting. Now the site looks like something that people will actually think is worth checking out when I recommend it to them.

You should try it out, by the way. recommends songs based on your listening habits. It boasts millions of songs you can listen to and legally download for free, and is built on GnuFM (free as in freedom) software. And the artists get a platform to share their creations and request donations. There are no ads. There is no secret online tracking (Ghostery told me so). claims to not even log your IP address! Can privacy get any better than that?

So go on then, give it a chance .

New Look to My Lubuntu

New look to my Lubuntu.

Lubuntu 12.10 with DieHard4 theme and ACYL icons

This week I spent a bit of time modifying my favourite operating system, giving it a fresh new look and replacing some functionality. It also took a bit of work–changing the default file manager in Lubuntu 12.10 isn’t very straightforward. Although I haven’t managed to set an entirely consistent scheme, I’m satisfied–it’s a nice change from the usual. For memory’s sake, and in the interest of maybe a few fellow Linux admirers, I’ll jot down what I did.

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