This blog is all about my computing tips, rants and recent experiences. If you like to hear someone nerd out about Linux, encryption and programming, well hey then, I wasn’t expecting you (or any other visitors, really) but I personally welcome you here, where there’ll be a ton of that. There’ll also be updates about my latest mundane activities, random thoughts and–hey don’t go, those things can be fun too!

Caveat: There may be a bit of mind-porn involved, and maybe even dissections of gender-identity and unusual sexualities. The heavy stuff I think a lot about and only share with really close friends. So if you’re squeamish (or just a prude), you know… Watch out.

Now as for myself, I’m just a perverted guy from a little island called Antigua. I left in 2013 to meet my family and start a life in Brazil. You can call me Curly.



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