A Little Color on the Nails is a Big Thing

I’m an unusual guy. I don’t quite stick to the status quo. And you know what? I’m becoming damn proud of it. So last week I took a big step up towards expressing my gender non-conformity: Last week I painted my nails. That’s right, and despite having painted them black, the most moderate of colors a guy can wear on his nails these days, my family freaked out like it was a big deal.

I tried explaining to them that this practice is completely innocuous as it doesn’t impact their health, wealth or their freedom, and that their reaction was totally childish. But no, they insisted, I was the childish one.

Oh well. You can’t argue intelligently with some people. I bitterly removed the polish the next day to calm them. But my hold remains firm on my dear freedom of self-expression. My favorite response to people who object to the way I express myself, to the way I am, is simply this: I was not born to please you.