New Look to My Lubuntu

New look to my Lubuntu.

Lubuntu 12.10 with DieHard4 theme and ACYL icons

This week I spent a bit of time modifying my favourite operating system, giving it a fresh new look and replacing some functionality. It also took a bit of work–changing the default file manager in Lubuntu 12.10 isn’t very straightforward. Although I haven’t managed to set an entirely consistent scheme, I’m satisfied–it’s a nice change from the usual. For memory’s sake, and in the interest of maybe a few fellow Linux admirers, I’ll jot down what I did.

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I think this is how you tell a girl she’s hot in Portuguese.

“Quanto dinheiro vocĂȘ precisa?”

Okay, I’ve put this off for long enough, so I’m going to finally get this out there: That scene of Nicole Scherzinger chilling with Antiguans at Shirley Heights, my take on it now is that it was definitely bullshit. I intended to include a second email that popped up in September from the A&B Ministry of Tourism concerning that event, and point out how it supported what I was thinking, but then do I really need to go through all this just to realize, just to explain, that this was a publicity stunt? No.

It’s pretty straightforward; tourism is a staple of the Antiguan economy, and people will lie and distort reality to bring people to their product. I know it’s just the way it is, but…

Fucking marketing!