Hats Off, Asher


I just wanted to share this in congrats to Antiguan Asher Otto making it to #1 on Tempo’s Cross Caribbean Countdown with her and Itchy Feet’s cover of Get Lucky, and to keeping that spot for 3 straight weeks, as of October 10.

I’ve known Asher for a few years, only as an acquaintance, but I knew she had talent, and when the video popped up back in June I was really excited and revisited it weekly, when not daily, to watch the viewer stats climb. I just love it when someone I know pulls something like this off and soars really high with it.

And uh, oh yeah, she looked really pretty doing it, too. *o*

Here’s the link to the Tempo feature (skip to around 2:50) — http://bcove.me/pqe7vlzz

I would’ve embedded it, but embed code doesn’t seem to work. Therefore I shall place the original cover here:

And how about those views of Darkwood Beach? 😉

One more thing. This inspires me to cultivate my talents further and put myself out there. I’m a singer too, as well as a songwriter. I may have missed an opportunity to record with Asher and a few other people because I’ve left Antigua, but I’ve had some recording experience and think I’ve got the potential to for success too. But music is really more of a hobby to me.


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