Screwed Over by Lubuntu Hibernate

I'm Fucked

I was running my laptop on battery power, using Lubuntu linux from a bootable flash drive (which is what I normally use), when my battery ran out and my OS went into hibernate. I plugged the adaptor into my laptop and restarted it. When it turned on, it didn’t present me with any boot options, it just went straight into Windows, as if I had hibernated from there. But I didn’t, so I got an error and had to go to this ‘Startup Repair’ option which, after four hours of waiting through, didn’t seem to do shit, so I just shut it down. And now when I try to boot into windows, instead of seeing a login screen all I see is a mouse and a black background.

It’s actually not too big of a problem for me because I’m always using Lubuntu. I’ll see if I can’t fix this by trying out a system repair disk for my very first time. If not, I wonder if I should entertain the thought of doing a full install of Lubuntu or some other linux distro to my HDD, which I’ve never done before either.


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