Following up on my last post, there’s another singer in Antigua whom I’ve been paying attention to. She’s the young Jamie Lou Stenzel, daughter of Torsten StenzeI, who directed the Get Lucky video for Asher Otto & Itchy Feet Band (which made its 4th week as #1 on the Cross Caribbean Countdown yesterday). She has a great voice and I thought I should share this recent cover by her of Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks. I love her singing, so when I saw this I was like, “Yes! New Jamie Lou cover!”



Hats Off, Asher


I just wanted to share this in congrats to Antiguan Asher Otto making it to #1 on Tempo’s Cross Caribbean Countdown with her and Itchy Feet’s cover of Get Lucky, and to keeping that spot for 3 straight weeks, as of October 10. Continue reading

Screwed Over by Lubuntu Hibernate

I'm Fucked

I was running my laptop on battery power, using Lubuntu linux from a bootable flash drive (which is what I normally use), when my battery ran out and my OS went into hibernate. I plugged the adaptor into my laptop and restarted it. When it turned on, it didn’t present me with any boot options, it just went straight into Windows, as if I had hibernated from there. But I didn’t, so I got an error and had to go to this ‘Startup Repair’ option which, after four hours of waiting through, didn’t seem to do shit, so I just shut it down. And now when I try to boot into windows, instead of seeing a login screen all I see is a mouse and a black background.

It’s actually not too big of a problem for me because I’m always using Lubuntu. I’ll see if I can’t fix this by trying out a system repair disk for my very first time. If not, I wonder if I should entertain the thought of doing a full install of Lubuntu or some other linux distro to my HDD, which I’ve never done before either.